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Paleartic birds

Crowned Sandgrouse Pterocles coronatus

Oriental birds

Sri Lanka Frogmouth Batrachostomus moniliger.

Australasian birds

Papuan Frogmouth Podargus papuensis.

Afrotropical birds

Double-banded Sandgrouse Pterocles bicinctus bicinctus.

Neartic birds

White-tipped Dove Leptotila verreauxi angelica.

Neotropical birds

Rufous Potoo Nyctibius bracteatus.


Fallow deer Dama dama.

Amphibians & Reptiles

Fire salamander Salamandra salamandra.


Lantern Bug Laternaria rühli.


High plateau in Puno, Southern Peru.

Flora & Fungi

Coprinellus disseminatus.

People & Culture

Dances of Native Commutity in Shintuya, Southern Peru.

Spiritual people & Places

Giant Buddha, Puli.

Humans & Nature

A Common wood- pigeon resists to leave its territory in a forest recently burned by fire.